HERE BUT WHERE focuses on liminal spaces, emphasizing the utilization of nature. Rather than deliberately searching for any possible meaning, it suggests a contemplation on the ways of liberating from meaning, from the known. One series of recent work that make the exhibition, UNTITLED, explores the human impact on the land, the interaction between mind and space. Studying popular beaches from different areas of a globalized world, crowded summer spots, in the off-season and only at night, it reveals a less observed aspect of leisure culture. Yet, focusing on the tension between reality and abstract, it uses purely photographic practices as tools of defamiliarization and dislocation. The other series GRASS reproduce a cosmos in each image as a direct result of contact with nature. Together with the natural space, this work explores the mental space. The photographic surface full of data about almost nothing, the most ordinary, the most everywhere type of flora, becomes an empty plane ready for projections of the spectator. How far can reality be stretched?

Archival pigment print
Editions 4 + 1

Untitled: 75 x 115 cm / 115 x 180 cm

Grass (1): 130 x 195 cm
Grass (2-4): 120 x 180 cm