2004 - 2009

Missing Parts is a photographic series limited to the Susanoglu Beach and its off seasons, in terms of space and time. The project has been realized through returning to Susanoglu many times, working repeatedly on the subject, and has intensified, gaining a sharper focus since 2004. Social and political issues inevitably come into frame of this series immediately, as the area has been rapidly urbanized since the '80s. Limiting the study to the off season might be an attempt to question the flipside of leisure culture—investigating the pain to understand the pleasure better. The tourism boom, and its utterly devastating effects, are still at work today. But the transformation and its social or cultural implications are not the core issues of this project. Commonplace things become the visual material of an extraordinary experience; the banal reveals its poetic aspect. Worn out things become brand new questions and are rehandled, emphasizing their simplicity and formal elements, foregrounding their subtle palettes with painterly concerns. The fact that the location has a significant importance in the artist's memories since the early days of his childhood also deepens the emphasis on the personal nature of the project. 

35 x 40 cm / 35 x 47.5 cm / 35 x 52.5 cm
Archival pigment print, Museo Silver Rag
Editions 3 + 1 ap